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Awards for Barefoot Coaching

We are thrilled to hear of two awards that our publisher, Barefoot Coaching, have won in the recent weeks.  Firstly, the Coaching Cards for New Parents gained the Gold Award from LovedByParents. The cards won the Best Innovative Gift under £50. More information can be found online.  Then Kim Morgan won the SME Emerging Category at the Forward Ladies Awards that celebrates the success of business women. Congratulations Kim! You can read more about the award here.

Grandparents' Day - 1 October 2017

The Coaching Cards for Grandparents are the perfect special gift for Grandparents' Day, which this year is being celebrated on 1 October.

Published by Barefoot Coaching, each pack contains 25 questions for grandparents to ask their grandchildren and 25 questions for children to ask their grandparents. They are designed to break down cross-generational barriers and prompt fun, meaningful conversations between grandparents and their grandchildren.

For more information please read our latest blog...



We are delighted to welcome our new publisher - Barefoot Coaching. Barefoot Coaching is one of the UK’s leading coaching and coach training companies. Managing Director and master coach Kim Morgan has created a range of Coaching Cards that demystify coaching and make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to adopt coaching questions in their everyday lives.

The People's Book Prize Final 2016/17

Voting is now open for the 2016/17 Final.  We have two finalists - 'King's Company' by Jessamy Taylor in the children's category and 'Quintember' by Richard Major in the fiction category. Both titles are published by IndieBooks. Please visit The People's Book Prize website and go to the Finalists page to vote - you only have until 21st May to vote! Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on 23rd May.

Finalist in The People's Book Prize Winter Collection 2016

We are pleased to announce that 'Quintember' by Richard Major, published by Indie Books, is a Finalist in The People's Book Prize.

It will now go through to the finals in May 2017.

Classic book on Jim Clark is back in print and “better than ever”

Renowned Scots writer, Eric Dymock, has updated his classic book on legendary racing driver Jim Clark, which has been out of print for 20 years. Published by Dove Publishing, the book will be available in April.  Read one of the early reviews here…

The People's Book Prize Winter Collection - please vote!

Voting is open for the Winter 2016 collection.  We have a selection of titles showcased, details below:

If Only They’d Met  ISBN 9780907633532  Psychology News -
From Syria With Love  ISBN 9781908041340   IndieBooks -
Worrals of the WAAF   ISBN 9781908041098   IndieBooks -
Godfrey and the Stars   ISBN 9780993010682   Pudding Press  -
Quintember   ISBN   9781908041289   IndieBooks -
Please do borrow, buy, read, comment and vote!  The 3 authors with the most votes in each category will become finalists of the Winter Collection.  Voting closes 28 February 2017.

Finalist in The People's Book Prize Autumn Collection 2016

We are pleased to announce that 'King's Company' by Jessamy Taylor, published by Indie Books, is a Finalist in The People's Book Prize Autumn 2016 collection.

It will now go through to the finals in May 2017.

Added functionality to online marketing for Vine House publishers 

We are pleased to offer additional options for our publishers wishing to have advanced digital marketing for their titles.
This new tool will allow potential customers to look and search inside your book, watch a video, listen to an audio extract and more...  We will be adding more titles soon but please check out Almost Invincible by Suzanne Burdon (Criteria Publishing)


Publisher inducted as a Keeper of the Quaich

Congratulations to Ingvar Ronde, publisher of the Malt Whisky Yearbook, having been inducted as a Keeper of the Quaich, a position of great honour across the Scotch Whisky industry worldwide. Read more here...


We are delighted to welcome our new publishers - Aviator Publishing, Monkeycat Press and Pudding Press.

Meet the author!

Read our question and answer session with author of King's Company, Jessamy Taylor, on our latest blog.

The People's Book Prize Autumn Collection - Voting is now open

Voting has now opened for the Autumn 2016 collection.  We have two titles showcased, both published by IndieBooks​ - one in Non-Fiction and one in Childrens, details below:

Latitude North 9781908041227 -
King's Company 9781908041197 -

Please borrow, buy, read, comment and vote!
Voting closes 30 November 2016.

Jason Drew is Lord of The Flies

Read this month's blog from Vine House Distribution and get voting!...


We are delighted to welcome our new publisher - Stephen Headey

The People's Book Prize - Final Vote now open

Voting for Winners of The Peoples Book Prize IS OPEN!

Jason Drew's Story of the Fly, was a Finalist in the Summer Collection and now faces the Final. Voting is open until 10 July and the winners will be announced on 12 July at the 7th Awards Ceremony which is being broadcast by SKY.

Please show your support and vote for Story of the Fly. Details here:-

Our April Blog

Read this month's blog from Vine House Distribution...

The London Book Fair 2016

We are looking forward to attending London Book Fair in April. We will be displaying a selection of titles and information on the IPG Stand (6E70). Please do pay us a visit and if you are looking for a sales and distribution service come and have a chat or book a meeting with us. Details can be found on the London Book Fair website or you can email us: This year's fair runs from 12 - 14 April at Olympia, London.

Welcome IndieBooks

We are delighted to welcome IndieBooks, an artisan publisher with titles across varied subjects, including politics, education, childrens; fiction and non-fiction.

The People's Book Prize Winter Collection - Voting is now open

Voting has now started for The People's Book Prize Winter 2015/16 collection.  Our titles showcased are below:-

How Banks Work     9780907633419     Psychology News   -
The Protein Crunch     9780986997624     Print Matters   -
Storm Static Sleep     9780957249226     Function Books   -
Please do borrow, buy, read, comment and vote!  The 3 authors with the most votes in each category will become finalists of the Winter Collection.

Voting is from 1st December to 29th February 2016

Meru Publishing

Vine House is delighted to welcome Meru Publishing.
Publisher of 'Ethiopia - Travellers Handbook'

Behind the Book...

Read our guest blog from Criteria Publishing author Suzanne Burdon...

Finalist in The People's Book Prize Summer Collection

We are pleased to announce that 'Story of the Fly' by Jason Drew and Justine Joseph, published by Change Agent, is a Finalist in The People's Book Prize Summer 2015/16 collection.
It will now go through to the finals in May 2016.

The People's Book Prize Autumn Collection - Voting is now open

Voting has now started for The People's Book Prize Autumn 2015/16 collection.  Our title showcased is below.

How to Cook Your Husband the African Way   9780907633365   Psychology News
Please do borrow, buy, read, comment and vote!  The 3 authors with the most votes in each category will become finalists of the Autumn Collection.

Voting is from 1st September to 30th November 2015 when the voting will close and finalists announced.
The People's Book Prize Summer Collection - Vote now open

The People's Book Prize - Voting has now opened for the Summer collection. We have two titles showcased in the non-fiction category:
Life Between The Lines 9780954127572 Umbria Press -
Story of The Fly 9780980274288 Change Agent -

And one in the fiction category:
The Network 9780955674013 Bearmondsey Publishing -

The People's Book Prize - Final Vote now open

Voting for Winners of The Peoples Book Prize OPENS TODAY, 15 May!

We have four finalists, as follows:-

Good Food Good Health  9780955166945  Mediscript

The Reward Society  9780953441532  Richer Publishing

The Silent Village  9780957364127  Umbria Press

Pillow People  9780992839109  Patrick Hawkins

Please show your support and vote.  Details here:-

3 Winners in the Wishing Shelf Awards!

Congratulations to three of our publishers whose books have been chosen as winners of a Wishing Shelf Award:-

-  Category 3 books for 9 - 12 Year Olds:  Silver Award went to Manchester United, Tales from History by Philippe Glogowski published by TJ Editions
-  Category 6 books for Adults (Non-fiction):  Gold Award went to Almost Invincible by Suzanne Burdon published by Criteria Publishing
-  Category 6 books for Adults (Non-fiction):  Bronze Award went to Churchill's Rebels by Meredith Whitford published by Umbria Press

Further information is available on the Wishing Shelf Awards website

The People's Book Prize - Voting has opened for the Spring collection

Voting has now started for The People's Book Prize Spring 2014/15 collection.  Our titles showcased are below.
Non-Fiction category:-
The Naked Heroine   9781910074046   Umbria Press -

The Richer Way  9780953441525   Julian Richer Publishing -

Please do borrow, buy, read, comment and vote!  The 3 authors with the most votes in each category will become finalists of the Spring Collection.

Voting closes 14 May 2015.

Discover Manchester United’s rich heritage through a contemporary art-form 

Come and read about one of our new title's in our latest blog

Patrick Hawkins - Children's Category Finalist in The People's Book Prize Autumn Collection

We are proud to announce that our publisher Patrick Hawkins has been voted as a Finalist for Autumn 2014 with Pillow People.  

The People's Book Prize - Voting has opened for the Winter collection

Voting has now started for The People's Book Prize Winter 2014/15 collection.

Our titles showcased are below.
Children’s category:-
Manchester United   9782930743127   TJ Editions -
Non-fiction category:-
Joy’s Journey    9781910074008    Umbria Press -
Jane Austen & Adlestrop    9780957515024    Windrush Publishing -
The Power of Freedom    9789949188581    Unitas Foundation -
Snow Search Japan   9780954801434    WSG Media -
Valais Switzerland   9783033029347     Valais Guides -

Please do borrow, buy, read, comment and vote!  The 3 authors with the most votes in each category will become finalists of the Autumn Collection.

Voting closes 28 February 2015.

We have an extensive military list including some fantastic books on war poetry - please take time to have a look

Come and read our latest blog

Come and read our latest blog...

The People's Book Prize - Voting has opened for the Autumn collection

Voting has now started for The People's Book Prize Autumn 2014/15 collection.

Our titles entered are below.

Children’s category:-
Brian has Dyslexia  9781905339860  Red Kite Books (Haldane Mason) -

Membear of Parliament  9780955674006  Bearmondsey Publishing  -
Pillow People  9780992839109  Patrick Hawkins -
Non-fiction category:-
Churchill’s Rebels  9781910074015  Umbria Press -
The Hunt London  9789810765347  Gatehouse Publishing -
Fiction category:-
Almost Invincible  9780992354008  Criteria Publishing -
The Snowdrop Garden  9780955050091  Silent But Deadly Publications -
Wings of the Morning  9780957364103  Umbria Press -
Please do borrow, buy, read, comment and vote!  The 3 authors with the most votes in each category will become finalists of the Autumn Collection.

Voting closes 30 November 2014. 


We are proud to announce that three of our author's have been voted as Finalists for Summer 2014 (June, July, August 2014), in the following categories:

The Silent Village by Merryn Corcoran  published by Umbria Press  

The Reward Society by Dr Tom Manion published by Julian Richer Publishing 
Good Food Good Health by Fatima Patel  published by Mediscript Ltd 


Dim Sum has been featured in Harper's Bazaar online in 'This Week's Food Trends'.
Dim Sum ISBN 9789810778545 £24.00  Published by Gatehouse Publishing.
Available from all bookshops or directly from Vine House Distribution.

Come and read our August blog -

Come and read our latest blog -


The debut novel by Suzanne Bardon tells, a remarkable fictional account of the life of Mary Shelley. Whilst factually based, it beautifully imagines the emotions, conversations, and some of the mysteries surrounding Mary Shelley’s life.


Victoria Huxley's Jane Austen & Adlestrop has received a great review in the Times Literary Supplement. Read Claire Harman's review: Jane Austen's rich relations.


Annie Sullivan: Pillow People

Published by Patrick Hawkins, Paperback on 20th February 2014

Pillow People is a magical, vividly illustrated, rhyming bedtime story to encourage young children to cherish sleeping and the dreams that the Pillow People will reward them with.

Beautiful use of colour make this an extremely soothing and absorbing night-time, bedtime read for little people....

Fatima Patel: Good Food - Good Health

Published by Mediscript Publishing, Hardback on 16th January 2014

The purpose of this book is threefold: firstly, to introduce a whole variety of new flavours and dishes; secondly, to demonstrate how simply these can be created; and thirdly and most importantly, to demonstrate how to achieve this in a healthy well-balanced way with the use of unsaturated fats where possible, and the minimum use of salt and sugar. Each recipe has been nutritionally analysed and gives a healthy recipe indicator which clearly shows if the dish contains low, medium or high-risk ingredients. We have used the Food Standards Agency guidelines to code the recipes in red, amber and green. This can be used as a guide to using certain recipes every day whilst reserving some for those special occasions. Good Food Good Health is not just another cookery book. It provides a resource to choosing a healthier option whilst introducing a new dimension of varieties and flavours.

Fatima's recipes are mouthwateringly good and healthy, and there will be something for everyone in this stunningly illustrated little book. A great investment.

Philippe Glogowski: Ypres Memories

Published by TJ Editions, Paperback on 31st March 2014

The official graphic novel for The Great War Centenary, Ypres Memories is made up of two stories that are connected by geography and the tragic events that took place almost one hundred years ago. An extension of the original Philippe Glogowski graphic novel, 'Ypres - Henry's Notebook', Ypres Memories offers an inside look into the plight of the Scottish Military who fought during World War I, with a story revolving around a trip to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and the memories that this triggers for a particular elderly veteran. Ypres Memories is for all ages and makes the real history of the war more accessible to the younger readers without glorifying war or violence.

Classic comic strip stories from the first world war battles of Ypres, brilliantly drawn and coloured by Philippe Glogowski. I suppose, if you wanted to really engage teenagers in getting familiar with the conflict, this would be the best way, as most teens like comics and comic strips - as for me, now almost seventy, I can appreciate the artwork, which is in sharp contrast to the dreadful "art" in the new Thames and Hudson book on comics, which I review on the nonfiction page, and the stories are well written, poignant and thought-provoking. An amazing book...

The People's Book Prize - Voting has opened!

Voting starts today, 1 June 2014, for The People's Book Prize Summer 2014/15 collection.

Our seven titles entered are below.
Black Star   9789185657261   Leandoer & Co Forlag -

Dim Sum   9789810778545   Gatehouse Publishing -

Good Food Good Health   9780955166945   Mediscript -

The Reward Society   9780953441532    Richer Publishing -

The Silent Village   9780957364127    Umbria Press -

Ypres Memories   9782930743035    TJ Editions -

Zak has ADHD   9781905339822    Red Kite Books (Haldane Mason) -

Please do borrow, buy, read, comment and vote!  The 3 authors with the most votes in the category will become finalists of the Summer Collection.
Voting closes 31 August.

NZ author triumphs with debut novel, "The Silent Village" 

There is a great article in NZNewsUK about The Silent Village, published by Umbria Press.

You can read it here:- NZNEWSUK

The People's Book Prize

We are pleased to say that seven of our titles have been entered for The People's Book Prize Summer 2014/15 collection.

Black Star   9789185657261   Leandoer & Co Forlag
Dim Sum   9789810778545   Gatehouse Publishing
Good Food Good Health   9780955166945   Mediscript
The Reward Society   9780953441532    Richer Publishing
The Silent Village   9780957364127    Umbria Press
Ypres Memories   9782930743035    TJ Editions
Zak has ADHD   9781905339822    Red Kite Books (Haldane Mason)

The voting will start on 1 June and we will provide more details then.

Some great comments about our Dr Spot children's books series:
"I'd definitely recommend Dr. Spot series to everyone..." 
"totally worth the money!"
"5/5 Stars"
See the full reviews here -


The HUNT Guides have just been well reviewed in the March issue of Wanderlust magazine -

"Dinkier still are The Hunt guides (; from £16). This series picks out the best indie eateries and shops in a range of cities. Each is a handsome embellishment to – though not replacement for – your more standard city guide." 


The fabulous book has received some great reviews - see below - and the author is keen to send out the message that all these different diets – high protein , low carb, and so on can be confusing – but what is really best is a balanced diet and that's what her book is about! 

“A new book of recipes by Fatima Patel offers a healthy solution to meal planning for people with diabetes. Good Food Good Health is a 254-page illustrated guide to healthy eating based on recipes passed down by the author’s family and others sourced from around the world. 
Fatima said: “Some of these recipes were cooked by my mother when I was child. I have modified the recipes to reflect modern lifestyles and my quest for healthy food.” Each dish features a helpful nutritional information guide colour-coded in line with the Food Standards Agency 
labelling system as used on food packaging. The nutritional tips can be used to help combat obesity, which can also help in the battle against type 2 diabetes.” 

Richie Troughton, Publishing Editor, Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation 
"The uniqueness is in the traffic light coding. The book has had the benefit of expertise from two registered dieticians and that’s why I put this in my top 10.” 
Diabetes UK 
“A great help to those wanting to overhaul their lifestyles – Good clear illustrations help guide the reader to great choices” 
Kate Cook, Director The Nutrition Coach 
“This recipe book has a wide selection of recipes for all courses that will appeal to anyone. It includes recipes that have been carefully selected and nutritionally analysed to suit individual requirements. A large number of recipes in this book have a colour coding of green and amber, which indicate that they are healthy to consume on a daily basis. The red coded recipes should be reserved for treats! Good Food, Good Health will aid you in achieving a healthier diet”. 
Kashena Mahadawoo – Dietician 
‘Good Food Good Health…..It is beautifully produced and the guidance about foods is excellent…’ 
Reader review 
“If you are looking for a simple cookbook to inspire healthier cooking then look no further than this. Beautiful illustrations, step by step methods and all the recipes have been calorie, fat, sat fat, sugar and salt calculated to help you. But be careful the nutritional information is per 100gms not per portion so don’t forget to multiply by the weight in grams to get an accurate representation of what you are eating.” 
Linda Main, Dietetic Adviser, HEART UK - The Cholesterol Charity 
"Good Food Good Health is a recipe book that as detailed aims to introduce readers to a whole variety of new flavours and dishes, demonstrate how these can be simply created in the kitchen and how this might be achieved in a healthy, balanced way. The book provides a clear introduction outlining the background and purpose to the book. While not specifically saying who the book is aimed at, it is suggested that it is for those that already cook and are looking for something a little different. It has a clear contents page that shows the range of recipes under a series of headings. The book has a wide range of recipes and it is great to see how new flavours can be introduced. It has great imagery and the recipes are laid out and explained clearly. Providing nutritional information about fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt and using the traffic light system of ‘red’ ‘amber’ and ‘green’ to guide readers on amounts of fat, saturated fat, sugar and sodium provides a familiar, simple and ‘at a glance’ way of making healthy choices with many of the recipes detailed coded ‘amber’ or ‘green.’ Nutritional analysis of recipes however, are detailed per 100g and it would be useful to the reader to see this information for a portion of each recipe. The section headed ‘Vegetable dishes’ includes some great recipes however, it would be great to see more main course vegetable dishes included and maybe some of the other dishes better reflected in a section on starter/side dishes. Overall Good Food Good Health provides a good range of recipes and goes a long way to achieving its aims as detailed above." 
Nicola Morris,The British Dietetic Association, Policy Officer

ISBN: 978 0 9565334 7 0 
PRICE: £55.00 
AUTHOR: Superbrands UK Ltd 
PUBLISHER: Superbrands UK Ltd 
SUBJECT: Marketing/Advertising/Design Art/Style 
SPECIFICATIONS: HB 200 pages 350mm x 259mm Over 350 colour images 

Superbrands aims to highlight brands from a wide range of sectors that have become the strongest and most iconic in their field. The publication explores how these brands have succeeded in reaching the top and is part of a pioneering programme that was founded with the aim of paying tribute to the UK’s strongest brands. Through identifying these brands and providing their case histories, the Superbrands organisation, consults a survey of the British public and a panel of expert judges – the Expert Council, independently administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis – hopes that people will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the important and highly topical discipline of branding, as well as a greater admiration for the brands themselves. 

Available now - 
Pillow People is a magical, vividly illustrated, rhyming bedtime story to encourage young children to cherish sleeping and the dreams that the Pillow People will reward them with. 

Pillow People occurred to Annie Sullivan in the form of a short poem while she was travelling by train in Europe. Struggling to sleep, she imagined who could help it happen. As a singer and songwriter, Annie sometimes shares her songs and poems with friends. One night, illustrator Patrick Hawkins was lucky enough to be there. Together they developed the idea, evolving the poem and the characters into a positive and colourful little book that can help ease kids into a peaceful dreamy slumber.

Paperback: 24 pages - ISBN-13: 978-0992839109 - Product Dimensions: 20 x 19.7 x 0.5 cm
"This may not be quite as it seems, but Pillow People make your dreams. They only come about at night when you turn off your bedroom light - " "It's hard to describe how much I love this book but to start with, the illustrations come from the illustrator of one of my other favourite books (Stanley the Manly Ferry), Patrick Hawkins. He has brought the sweetest little characters to life just perfectly, and I am completely in love with them. Beautifully written by Sullivan, the Pillow People are tiny, fluffy winged creatures who wake from inside the pillow and whisper happy dreams to children at bedtime. Perfect for 2 - 6 year olds, this is a gorgeous bedtime story - 5 stars"


Come and read our latest blog...


New Zealand Bed & Breakfast Book 2014 - £12.95
Australian Accommodation Guide 2014  - £12.95 
Adventures in the Movie Biz - £8.99
Cockerels and Vultures  - £9.95 

Sonoma Wine & the Story of Buena Vista  - £26.00
Minds at War 8th Reprint  - £15.99 
How to be Happy - £2.99

Come and read our latest blog..

Come and read our latest blog...

We would like to welcome a new Publisher - TJ Editions

One of their new titles
ISBN: 978 2 930743 01 1 
PRICE: £14.95 
AUTHOR: Philippe Glogowski 

This graphic novel is made up of two stories that are connected by geography and the tragic events that took place almost one hundred years ago. 
An extension of the original Philippe Glogowski graphic novel, ‘Ypres – Henry’s Notebook’, Ypres Memories offers an inside look into the plight of the Scottish Military who fought during World War I, with a story revolving around a trip to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and the memories that this triggers for a 
particular elderly veteran. 
Ypres Memories is for all ages and makes the real history of the war more accessible to the younger readers without glorifying war or violence. 
The author says: I wrote the first story a number of years ago and the topic made such an impression on me that I knew I would one day revisit the material. Once again, I find myself far from delving as deeply into the subject as I would like, but nonetheless I consider this to be an entirely new book that can be considered coherent and complete for the reader. We will certainly be discussing The Great War regularly in the months and years to come, as centenary 
celebrations get underway, so there are sure to be numerous specialists on hand to describe events gone by in stark detail. However, nowhere will you hear a first-hand witness statement from a real-life Great War veteran because sadly, there are no remaining survivors. I’m just a storyteller who has taken the liberty of creating two fictional characters who are going to tell you their personal First World War stories. 
Philippe Glogowski was born in Charleroi, Belgium in 1960. He graduated in 1982 from the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. During the 1990's Philippe published a number of short stories all of which he both drew and wrote, in Spirou magazine. Since then 16 titles have been gradually added to 
his personal bibliography. His primary inspiration comes from a study of history, but far be it from Philippe to limit himself entirely to one area of subject matter. His current ' works in progress’ are set to show that he has a variety of strings to his bow. for more details about the Publisher


Dim Sum                                                                 24.00                  Food & Drink/Recipes
Art Plural                                                                 40.00                 Contemporary Art
The Hunt San Francisco                                      14.00                 Travel
New Zealand Bed & Breakfast Book 2014         12.95                 Travel/New Zealand
Australian Accommodation Guide 2014              12.95                 Travel/Australia
Good Food Good Health                                      18.00                  Food & Drink/Recipes
Adventures in the Movie Biz                                 8.99                 Biography
Cockerels and Vultures                                          9.95                  Poetry WWI
The Hunt Austin                                                     14.00               Travel
Minds at War 8th Reprint                                      15.99               Poetry WWI
How to be Happy                                                     2.99                Humour

Firstly we would like to wish everyone a happy New Year

Our latest news...
New Titles from Gatehouse Publishing for Spring 2014 
Art Plural
Voices of Contemporary Art
ISBN:   978-981-07-8408-9,  PRICE:          £40
AUTHOR:       Michael Peppiatt,   SUBJECT:      Art / Lifestyle
DESCRIPTION: How do we begin to understand the ensuing multitude of different directions in contemporary art? In Art Plural: Voices of Contemporary Art world-renowned art historian and writer Michael Peppiatt joins with Swiss gallerist Frédéric de Senarclens of Art Plural Gallery, as well as over 25 leading contemporary artists, to share their thoughts on this diverse art scene.
Dim Sum
A Flour-forward Approach to Traditional
Favourites and Contemporary Creations
ISBN: 978-981-07-7854-5, PRICE: £24
AUTHORS: Jalean, Wong &  Ma Jian Jun
SUBJECT: Food & Drink / Travel
DESCRIPTION: Chef Janice Wong's approach to cuisine is novel and innovative--she views familiar items in a different light, twisting and combining them in a unique way. In this book with dim sum expert Chef Ma Jian Jun, Chef Wong brings her unique concepts and presentation to the traditional Cantonese art of dim sum. Together they have pioneered a collection of over 90 traditional recipes as well as new creations incorporating both Chef Ma's impeccable craft and Chef Wong's pastry vision.
Instead of indiscriminately featuring everything and the kitchen sink, The HUNT team has donned our curatorial coloured glasses and carefully selected 100 or so unique, authentic local  businesses that range from eye-popping and brand spankin’ new to deeply patinated and WAY off the beaten path, funky and unexpected to chic and shiny. Over the last decade, our guides have become the go-to source for a worldwide community of locals and travellers who seek out genuine, intriguing independent businesses. All are £14, PB 128  152mm x 110mm

The Hunt Austin
Tolly Moseley Carnes, is a freelance writer, editor and journalist living in Austin, Texas. Her work focuses on arts/culture, health, food and life. Before becoming a full-time writer, Tolly worked as a large waving costumed bear named Muffy, a seasoned coffee preparer at a fashion PR firm in Italy, a children's yoga instructor at a progressive private school, a classroom assistant in rural India, a college composition teacher, a restaurant columnist, a waitress, a "cat socializer," a public radio intern, a food show co-host, and a literary publicist.
The Hunt Hong Kong
Grace Entry has worked as a professional chef, feature food and travel writer, food stylist and PR representative in Sydney, Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong, where she is currently based.
The Hunt London
David Leppan, is a treasure hunter, a collector, and a hunter-gatherer. His passion for what’s unique, rare and handmade began at the age of 10 with a friend's father telling him with great enthusiasm about his classic Rolls-Royce. To finance his rather nomadic lifestyle, he searches for treasures all around the world – zealously buying and rather sadly selling antiques – always on the lookout for beautiful and unusual products made by craftsmen and artisans.
An expert on global compliance issues, Mr. Leppan has spoken widely, been published and featured on BBC News, The Times and CNBC Squawk Box, to name but a few. He is a passionate collector of classic Rolls Royce, Bentleys as well as Spanish and Italian Old Masters.
The Hunt New York City
JoAnna Kang
JoAnna Kang - admits it took her years to make the cross country move to NYC. The excitement from friends and family soon dissipated. They were known to pantomime a gun to the head after listening to another soliloquy of her someday reuniting with a beloved NYC bagel. They’d implore, “Then, move already!” Yet, the thought of leaving Portland, Ore. felt like jumping out of a warm, comfy bed and straight into an icy river. But the move happened, and she confronted head-on NYC’s cramped, yet well-oiled machine, churning out long workdays in exchange to live in a 24-hour glutton’s paradise. Despite the 350-square foot challenge and ignoring the fact that the armoire is four feet from the stove, she still enjoys recreating delicious recipes from Elizabeth David cookbooks. On days when the apron’s tucked away, you’ll most likely find her fogging up the glass case at her favourite deli and neighbour, Russ & Daughters.
The Hunt San Francisco
Lauren Ladoceour
Lauren Ladoceour, is a journalist in San Francisco's Mission neighbourhood. Lauren Ladoceour is Yoga Journal's assistant editor and media editor. She joined Yoga Journal as the Web intern after graduating from Boston University in 2005. In addition to YJ, Lauren has worked at Sunset Custom Publishing and written for Rolling Stone, Boston Magazine, the Boston Phoenix, and the Spokesman-Review. Her work has also appeared in Stone Australia, 7x7, and Food Arts. Lauren is an avid gamer and cook, and enjoys refinishing antiques and competing in small trivia tournaments. 
The Hunt Singapore
Bernie Baskin  & Jalean Wong
Bernie Baskin - United States - is a wandering southerner who fell in love with slurping noodles on the streets of Singapore. When he’s not exploring the hidden alleys of Asia, he can be found on the back of a rusty motorcycle with the throttle wide open, singing at the top of his lungs.
Jalean Wong Singapore - An unabashed lover of food in all its amazing forms, Singapore native Jalean Wong has spent her life searching for the world’s tastiest (sometimes spiciest) nosh, both as a professional food critic and for her own unadulterated personal pleasure. Although this equal opportunity eater’s palate has been finely honed while living in the US, Australia and China, she is just as content scouting out hole-in-the-walls as she is stuffing her face with a 10-course degustation.


Latest news -
We would like to welcome two new Publishers - 

Mediscript Limited - an extensive range of medical/scientific publications for a wide spectrum of readership, ranging from clinical and research scientists, consultants, general practitioners, pharmacists, medical representatives, nurses and patients.
Mediscript has worked extensively in the field of educational literature aimed at the medical profession in various therapeutic fields over the last 30 years and the company has established worldwide contacts throughout academia and medicine in all of these fields. More recently, Mediscript is developing projects in health education and lifestyle, including healthy eating, sport, exercise and fitness.

Gatehouse Publishing - an international travel and lifestyle publishing house based in Singapore. For over a decade, our boutique series The HUNT Guides ( has offered readers insight into exceptional eating and shopping experiences in each city. With deep roots in travel and publishing, Gatehouse is able to deliver bespoke creative solutions for the lifestyle, culture, travel and luxury industries as well as provide custom content solutions to the world’s most unique brands. For more information, please email
Please contact us for further details about all their titles

Jane Austen & Adlestrop - latest reviews:
‘The subtitle of this book is ‘Her Other Family’ and it is true that the Leighs of Adlestrop, while providing half of Jane Austen’s genes and heritage, are less written about than the Austens of Kent.  …There is material that does not normally make it into standard Austen biographies and [the author’s] claim that ‘Jane was directly affected by their sagas of dynastic marriages, untimely deaths and metal instability, their quest for fashionable improvements, their money struggles and quarrels over inheritance’ is surely true. 
Maggie Lane, Jane Austen Society Newsletter October 2013
Well-illustrated with photographs, reproductions of painted portraits, maps and family trees, this is not only a detailed portrait of an English village, but also a fascinating history of Jane Austen’s maternal forebears.
Joceline Bury Jane Austen’s Regency World

Latest reviews for Dr Spot - ZAK has ADHD  ADD/ADHD Resource Reviews -

Zak has ADHD
A Dr Spot book by Jenny Leigh

This is a delightfully written and wonderfully colourful book aimed at children with ADHD to help them to understand a bit more about the condition. It also has fantastic information for parents to help them to support their child and obtain the best possible help for them.

Jenny has written this in such a way that any child with ADHD will be able to identify themselves in Zak and to be able to relate to some of the feelings Zak has.

Dr Spot explains things really well and simply to both the child and adult and this allows Zak and his parents to understand why he is different and in turn this allows the child and parents to appreciate how the child is also behaving to enable them to access help and support for the child both through health and education.

The fact that the pictures and characters are so bright and colourful makes the book a delight to read through and helps to keep you focused on the story and also allows you to imagine a lot more of what would be happening in the story.

Jenny has written very sensitivly about ADHD and how the condition affects both the child and the family but not only that she has looked further into things and has shown that this is not only a condition that affects boys but there is also a girl who is diagnosied as well which will mean that this book will appeal both to male and female readers and parents.

Over all this is one of the first books about ADHD for children that I think will be a real source of fun and practical help and support.

Many thanks to Jenny for the research she has put into making this as accurate as possible.

Sarah-Jayne Bass (formerly Caroline Hensby)

Also available on bookshop: 

Zak has ADHD and Brian has Dyslexia have also been listed on ADHD Lancashire Support group website -

Latest review:
Jane Austen & Adlestrop is featured in Octobers issue of Cotswold Life -
"All of Jane's novels were published published anonymously and she did not live long enough to enjoy the success of her work.  Now thanks to the dedicated work undertaken by Victoria Huxley, we can vicariously follow in Jane Austen's footsteps and read more into her novels than a writer's imagination.  For the first time, the connection between the novelist and the small village of Addlestrop has been fully researched and written.  An future generations will have Victoria to thank for putting the village into context of the changes wrought over the last two centuries, ensuring Adlestrop is remembered and takes its place in our cherished history" - with June Lewis - Heritage section - Cotswold Life Magazine

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New title from 'Silent but Deadly'
ISBN: 978 0 9562398 5 3
PRICE: £2.99
AUTHOR: Martin Baxendale
The perfect gift for anyone who could do with a little cheering up and/or a bit of a laugh to brighten their day (which would be all of us then). A fun cartoon-illustrated guide crammed with advice on topping up your happiness levels by self-taught (and only very lightly bonkers) cheering-up expert Cheerful Charli. In an Increasingly gloomy world where the news gets more depressing by the day and politicians just seem to make things worse, it’s important to try to stay chirpy and upbeat. Cheerful Charli helps to lighten the load with her laugh-a-minute take on how to stay happy no matter what – a very funny collection of tips and hints that will brighten anyone’s day with a plethora of chuckles while also offering nuggets of self-help truth to keep them sane and happy even in difficult times.
Martin’s series of close to 30 cartoon humour books has sold over four million copies worldwide. Probably best-known is Your New Baby – An Owner’s Manual, a classic gift book for new parents which has sold nearly half a million copies in the UK and more than a million worldwide, translated into over a dozen languages.

Latest reviews...
A good review in BTO News - July 2013 for North-east Poland
Dirk Hilbers & Bouke ten Cate
This is a very useful guide for first-time visitors to the natural sites in north-east Poland. The first section of the book covers habitats that can be encountered in the region. North-east Poland is arguably mosdy famous for its primeval forests, but there are other habitats that are worth exploring, such as fields and meadows, and marshes and bogs. The second section of the book is dedicated to an overview of the flora and fauna that can be encountered in the area, ranging from mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles to insects. Birds are divided between habitats and sub-habitats, a useful presentation especially for readers who are nor Familiar with the ecology of all species that are likely to be encountered. 'Specialities' of north-east Poland are also listed. The third section covers 20 walks around the geographical region. Each route contains directions to get there, as well as a map. Points of special interest along the route are highlighted and referred to in the text, with notes on key natural features and species to look for. A final section on tourist information and tips to obtain the most out of the area adds to the overall quality of this guide. This book is a useful tool for people interested in visiting north-east Poland for the first time and would like an overview of wildlife and natural treasures available - more of Crossbills titles reviewed

Dirk Hilbers et al 2013
Crossbill Cuides Foundation, Arnhem
ISBN 978-9-491-64801-4 SB 255pp

Latest news.....
2013 Purple Dragonfly Book Award Contest Winners 

Picture Books - 5 & Younger
Honorable Mention - The Zoo's Annual Piggyback Race by Matt Harrigan, Illustrated by Melinda Beavers

The Facts, The People, The News, The Stories
ISBN: 978 0 9576553 0 0 
PRICE: £13.95 
AUTHOR: Ingvar Ronde 
PUBLISHER: MagDig Media Ltd 
The new edition of Malt Whisky Yearbook is published in October. Whisky enthusiasts all over the world look forward to the Malt Whisky Yearbook every autumn. This 9th edition is again fully revised and packed with new and up-to-date information on more than 200 whisky distilleries from all over the world. Distinguished whisky experts such as Charles MacLean, Gavin D Smith, Dominic Roskrow, Ian Buxton, Neil Ridley and Ian Wisniewski contribute with new features written exclusively for this new edition along with details of hundreds of whisky shops, whisky sites and new bottlings. A comprehensive summary of the whisky year that was and all the latest statistics is also included. Malt Whisky Yearbook 2014 includes more than 200 tasting notes describing the flavour of single malts from all working distilleries in Scotland and Ireland. Finally, with more than 500 colour photographs, Malt Whisky Yearbook 2014 is as much an essential reference guide as a book to read for pleasure.

JOHN ADAMS - The Mulbuie Murderer
The fascinating account of the last public hanging, on 16th October 1835 in Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands. The man on the allows was John Adam, known as The Mulbuie Murderer. Graham Clark relates who John Adam was and his motives for the murder of one of he two women with whom he was in relations – his intention to dispense with the woman who was the richest – a classic case of a love triangle ending in tragic circumstances.
ISBN: 978 0 9573641 1 0
PRICE: £9.99
AUTHOR: Graham Clark
Great review for Apples & Orchards of Sussex
In an age when we’re all becoming more guiltily conscious of food miles and carbon footprints, it’s astonishing that the UK now imports at least 75 per cent of its apples from the other side of the world. After all, this is a fruit that has been grown and enjoyed in Britain since Roman times. Admittedly, the varieties once abundant in our orchards are less sweet than the modern Antipodean favourites, Gala and Braeburn. But it does suggest the time is now ripe for a UK apple revival. Sussex may not be as traditionally associated with apple growing as, say, Kent or the West Country, but this new book not only presents a good argument for supporting the locally home-grown, it does so in the most attractive and eye-catching way. Put together by historical geographer Brian Short, together with orchard expert Peter May, environment writer Gail Vines and Anne-Marie Bur of Action in Rural Sussex, it’s a complete celebration of this everyday fruit. There are descriptions and histories of some of the 30 varieties once created in Sussex, such as Ashdown Seedling, Crawley Beauty and Petworth non Pareil – handy for those who may have an old tree in their garden bearing unfamiliar apples. And there are absorbing chapters about the various roles apples have played through the centuries in Sussex. It was thanks to the Normans that the English began to turn their apples into cider. The drink, which conferred many health benefits for rural dwellers, was also used during the 14th century to pay church tithes. On a few grisly occasions, orchards became the graveyards for murder victims.By 1955 orchards in Sussex were at their peak, covering 2,900 hectares. Today, this is down to just 710 hectares, but charities and community groups are now attempting to reverse the downward trend through events such as the annual Apple Day, which was introduced by the charity Common Ground. Community orchards are also springing up and, according to a very informative final chapter, several organisations are offering courses for those keen to grown their own fruit trees and learn more about how to buy and store local produce. With its blend of history, science and practical information (including apple recipes), this is a book that has multiple purposes. Personally, with an ancient apple tree of my own that I shall now cherish, I’m taking note of the ancient Sussex proverb: ‘If apples bloom in March, in vain for ‘em you’ll sarch. If apples bloom in April why, then they’ll be plentiful; if apples bloom in May, you may eat ‘um night and day’. 

Reprinted title from Crossbill Guides - 
£19.95     ISBN: 978 94 91648 02 1
Extremadura is a remote region in south-western Spain, bordering Portugal and has great things in store for all sorts of travellers. If you enjoy bird watching, Extremadura offers you skies filled with eagles and vultures, and steppes alive with Little and Great Bustards. If you love to search for beautiful wildflowers, the high number of Mediterranean species will dazzle you, especially in the mountains. In the endless orchards and along the flower-fringed streams you’ll find yourself in the Garden of Eden. Nearby rocky mountain slopes and merciless steppes show a beauty of a much more rugged kind. Remote regions invite you for a hike, and in the evening you can quietly enjoy a wonderful meal in an old plaza while watching the geckos hunt around the streetlights attached to medieval houses and palaces. Extremadura is a rollercoaster for every nature enthusiast, not only astonishing in its diversity but also in its genesis. If you have come to see a wilderness without a trace of human influence, you have chosen the wrong spot. The majority of Extremadura’s valuable natural areas evolved through the interaction between the land and its inhabitants. This makes the region into a must-see example of the way nature and culture can enhance each other. This guidebook will introduce you to the natural splendours of this beautiful region, explain the mechanisms behind them, and direct you to the best places to witness it all for yourself. This nature guide is part of a new series of innovative guides for nature enthusiasts. The Crossbill Guides combine interesting and insightful stories with up-to-date and practical tourist information and observation tips. Detailed descriptions of hiking trails and car routes are conveniently linked to information on everything you want to know about the whats, wheres and whys of Extremadura’s splendid nature.

A great double-page feature in The Gloucestershire Echo & Citizen Weekend supplement:- ‘Jane Austen & Adlestrop
Some more great reviews, this time for two of our Crossbill titles - EASTERN RHODOPES and NORTH EAST POLAND

They are the best specialist books I have seen for a while for anyone who wants a very detailed and in depth guide to the habitats, wildlife and walks of this region. Here is an excerpt from a guide to a walk in Greece;

"Very good and wide ranging books that provide a wealth of detailed information for the serious wildlife enthusiast.

Will suit................. Serious naturalists"

JUNE 2013
Marilyn Monroe                                              3.99        Music & Film
Audrey Hepburn                                             3.99        Music & Film
John Wayne                                                     3.99       Music & Film
Battle of Britain                                               3.99       History & Nostalgia/Military
Great Military Blunders                                  3.99       History & Nostalgia/Military
D-Day Landings                                               3.99       History & Nostalgia/Military
Men on the Moon                                            3.99       History & Nostalgia
Brunel’s Britain                                               3.99       History & Nostalgia
Best of British                                                 3.99       History & Nostalgia
Egypt: Land of the Pharoah’s                        3.99       History & Nostalgia
One Direction (Print Packs)                           5.99      Music & Film
Katy Perry (Print Packs)                                 5.99       Music & Film
Elvis Presley (Print Packs)                            5.99       Music & Film
Justin Bieber (Print Packs)                           5.99       Music & Film
Taylor Swift (Print Packs)                              5.99       Music & Film
Johnny Depp (Print Packs)                            5.99       Music & Film
Spitfire (Print Packs)                                      5.99       History & Nostalgia/Transport
Tractors (Print Packs)                                    5.99       History & Nostalgia/Transport
Concorde (Postcard Pack)                            4.99        History & Nostalgia/Aviation
Steam (Print Packs)                                        5.99        History & Nostalgia/Transport
JULY 2013
Dr Spot's Case Books - this innovative series of colourful stories offers information and reassurances to children suffering from a range of common illnesses or conditions. A special Parent's Page at the back of each book provides practical information on recognising and easing symptoms and seeking medical help. Fully revised and updated for 2013
Dr Spot Casebook: Brian Has Dyslexia                 £5.99        Children / Special needs
Dr Spot Casebook: Emma Has Measles                £5.99        Children / Body & Health
Dr Spot Casebook: George Has Meningitis         £5.99        Children / Body & Health
Dr Spot Casebook: Lawrence Had Head Lice      £5.99        Children / Body & Health
Dr Spot Casebook: Rachel Has Eczema               £5.99        Children / Body & Health
Dr Spot Casebook: Charlie Has Asthma                £5.99        Children / Body & Health
Dr Spot Casebook: Franklin Has Conjunctivitis   £5.99        Children / Body & Health
Dr Spot Casebook: Harriet Has Tonsillitis            £5.99        Children / Body & Health
Dr Spot Casebook: Mike Has Chicken-Pox           £5.99        Children / Body & Health
Dr Spot Casebook: Zak Has ADHD                          £5.99        Children / Special needs 
Some comments about The Aha! of Science from TV Science presenter Nigel Henbest:
“Thanks for sending me your book - I think it's great!
It's an excellent guide to the science behind the headlines: like you, I grow frustrated by news stories that latch onto the "wow!" factor, without putting new discoveries into context. They short-change the readers twice: first by giving the idea that science is just about discoveries; and secondly by depriving them of the excitement of the real world as revealed in the consensus of science.
Thank you for providing an easily accessible guide that science communicators (like myself!) can recommend to fill in the background of the stories that hit the headlines!”

Alex Leger, author of Blue Peter: Behind the Badge is speaking about his book at the Devon County Show with BBC Radio Devon and BBC Spotlight this week:
Today, Thursday 16th, Alex will be speaking with David Fitzgerald on BBC Radio Devon’s live broadcast, about his new book which gives a fascinating insight to his 36 years with the programme.  Then on Saturday 18th, he will be chatting on the Saturday Afternoon Show as it is broadcast live from the BBC stage.

Total kit Car Magazine have just reviews ALAN MANN - a life of chance - A superb book - essential reading
Another great review for Jane Austen & Adlestrop ‘Best Biography’ in The Gloucestershire Echo

Jane Austen & Adlestrop Book Review by Maggie Hartford - The Oxford Times

Victoria Huxley, who lives in Adlestrop, has opened a new window on the Cotswolds family of Jane Austen, and their influence on her work.

Austen visited her Leigh cousins several times and it was here that she first heard of Repton’s garden designs, which transformed the landscape of Adlestrop House, and may have inspired the setting of Mansfield Park.

Jane Austen & Adlestrop (Windrush, £10.99) is painstakingly researched but interestingly written, highlighting other echoes of the village and its surrounding countryside in Austen’s letters and in novels.



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A range of superbly illustrated books packaged in a high-quality gift folder with 6 free 10 x 8 prints.
Each book has 64-pages and tells the story of each subject through words and pictures in a unique and lively visual history.
PRICE: £5.99
One Direction 978 1 906969 30 1
Katy Perry 978 1 906969 15 8
Elvis Presley 978 1 906969 25 7
Justin Bieber 978 1 906969 17 2
Taylor Swift 978 1 906969 23 3
Johnny Depp 978 1 906969 21 9

Spitfire in Pictures 978 1 906969 36 3
Steam in Pictures 978 1 906969 43 1
Tractors 978 1 906969 40 0

A range of superbly illustrated books with flaps.
Each book has 64-pages and tells the story of each subject through words and pictures in a unique visual history.
PRICE: £3.99
Marilyn Monroe 978 1 908816 42 9
Audrey Hepburn 978 1 908816 41 2
John Wayne 978 1 908816 44 3

Men on the Moon 978 1 906969 27 1
Brunel’s Britain 978 1 908816 47 4
Best of British 978 1 908816 48 1
Egypt: Land of ….. 978 1 908816 45 0

Battle of Britain 978 1 906969 13 4
Great Military Blunders 978 1 906969 26 4
D-Day Landings 978 1 906969 31 8

This is the story of one of the most distinctive aircraft of its time, known simply as Concorde.
This book tells the story of this amazing aeroplane from conception to its eventual retirement and is illustrated with images that chart its progress through over 40 years of aviation history.
Included in this high-quality gift pack are 6 free 21cm x 15cm postcards.
ISBN: 978 1 907 657 72 6 £4.99 POSTCARD PACK 64 PAGE PAPERBACK

CONCORDE IN PICTURES POSTCARD PACK - 978 1 907657 72 6 - 4.99
STEAM IN PICTURES PRINT PACK - 978 1 906969 43 1 - 5.99
TRACTORS - 978 1 906969 40 0 - 5.99
SPITFIRE IN PICTURES - 978 1 906969 36 3 - 5.99
KATY PERRY PRINT PACK - 978 1 906969 15 8 - 5.99
ONE DIRECTION PRINT PACK - 978 1 906969 30 1 - 5.99
ELVIS PRINT PACK - 978 1 906969 25 7 - 5.99
JUSTIN BIEBER PRINT PACK - 978 1 906969 17 2 - 5.99
TAYLOR SWIFT PRINT PACK - 978 1 906969 23 3 - 5.99
JOHNNY DEPP PRINT PACK - 978 1 906969 21 9 - 5.99
AUDREY HEPBURN - 978 1 908816 41 2 - 3.99
MARILYN MONROE - 978 1 908816 42 9 - 3.99
JOHN WAYNE - 978 1 908816 44 3 - 3.99
MEN ON THE MOON - 978 1 906969 27 1 - 3.99
BRUNEL’S BRITAIN -978 1 908816 47 4 - 3.99
BEST OF BRITISH - 978 1 908816 48 1 - 3.99
EGYPT LAND OF THE PHARAOHS - 978 1 908816 45 0 - 3.99
BATTLE OF BRITAIN - 978 1 906969 13 4 - 3.99
GREAT MILITARY BLUNDERS - 978 1 906969 26 4 - 3.99
D-DAY - 978 1 906969 31 8 - 3.99

***** 5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Addition to Jane Austen Biography 13 April 2013
By Elaine Fairweather
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
For someone who has already plumbed the biographical details of Jane Austen, this book offers a refreshing new aspect. Tracing back along the maternal line, Victoria Huxley reveals the rich and interesting history of the Leigh family.

With the same delight one reads about Elizabeth Bennet being taken out of her relatively humble home situation for a tour of Derbyshire and being invited into Mr Darcy’s circle at Pemberley, one follows with elevated spirits Jane Austen’s visits to Adlestrop and Stoneleigh. Other biographers merely record these visits took place. This book has taken this little bit of Austen history so often passed by, opened it up and brought it vividly to life.

The influences of such visits have clearly contributed to many of the scenes, places, houses and landscapes Jane describes in her novels. Page after page there is a delicious sense of familiarity as one walks the same pathways Jane Austen must have trod. Victoria Huxley writes in a very readable and warm style, yet her research and the inferences she makes resonate with scholarly truth and integrity.

The work is a valuable addition to any collection of Austen biography. It has redressed an imbalance in my understanding of just how well connected Jane was, and of her intimate knowledge and experience of the higher echelons of society and wealth. It has also deepened my understanding of the values, issues and attitudes of the time.

As well as enjoying this book in its own right, it also promises to enhance my pleasure in re-reading Jane Austen’s novels. When I do, it will be with a fresh eye and deeper understanding, together with a more whole view of that great author’s life.

The Zoo's Annual Piggyback Race and This is Dobbo
" BOOKS MONTHLY SAYS: Beautiful illustrations - youngsters will love this - some of the rhymes are a little weird, but no one will mind, it's a beautiful book and children will love having it read to them at bedtime!" about The Zoo's Annual Piggyback Race

The Zoo's Annual Piggyback Race has been reviewed by The Picture Book Review - highly recommended!  "I'm impressed and looking forward to seeing more of their books. I hope you get a chance to check it out!" - Picture Book Review

APPLES AND ORCHARDS OF SUSSEX has been reviewed by The Sussex Wildlife Trust magazine by Petra Billings


"As a book, it's great 'square' format, and has suitably high production values, which makes the cost of £22.50 particuarly impressive. It's also an independent publication, and that's always worth supporting. Well worth putting on any 4x4 enthusiast's bookshelf; great as a reference tool, but equally enjoyable just to dip in and out. I will be doing both. NF



ISBN:978 1 905339 95 2
AUTHOR:Rupert Matthews
PUBLISHER:Red Kite Books
PUB DATE:September 2013
Brilliant book and jigsaw kit featuring T Rex – the most fearsome dinosaur to stalk the Earth. Kids will love this exciting package, especially those in the target age range – 7 and up.
COOLBRANDS 2013/14 - An Insight into Some of Britain's Coolest Brands
ISBN:978 0 9565334 6 3
PUBLISHER:Superbrands (UK)
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2013
CoolBrands® is an annual initiative aiming to identify and pay tribute to the nation’s coolest brands. Packed with beautiful imagery, the CoolBrands publication celebrates these brands, exploring how they have succeeded in reaching the top and the journey that they have taken to get there.
ISBN: 978 1 905339 94 5
PRICE: £9.99
AUTHOR: Joanna Trevelyan
PUBLISHER: Haldane Mason
PUB DATE: September 2013
Reflexology is one of today’s most popular complementary therapies. It helps de-stress and rejuvenate the body and mind by treating reflex (pressure) points on hands and feet to enhance and restore the flow of the body’s energy.
This great box set is the ideal starter kit for this easy to learn and highly beneficial therapy. The 64-page full-colour book is packed with essential information, helpful charts and specially commissioned photographs, including step-by-step treatment sequences. Alongside the book the kit includes a CD of soothing ambient music to help you relax, and a wooden foot roller to stimulate the reflex points in your feet.
Poems for Remembrance Day and Peace Events
ISBN: 978 0 9528969 6 8
PRICE: £14.00
EDITOR: David Roberts
PUBLISHER: Saxon Books
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2013
Traditional and contemporary poems for Remembrance Day and peace events. Many of the poems have appeared on the ‘warpoetry’ website where they have proved immensely popular. The poems have been selected and are introduced by David Roberts.

NEW TITLE - The Last Guru
PRICE: £20.00
AUTHOR: Paul W Jackson
PUBLISHER: Dance Books Ltd
Robert Cohan is part of the pantheon of American contemporary choreographers which
includes Alvin Ailey and Paul Taylor. Like them he follows in the tradition of their teacher
Martha Graham; whose works were grounded in finding through dance, a way to express the
human condition, in all its forms. This he has done in over fifty works, from early solos and duets
to large group works which have been performed by contemporary and ballet companies
around the world. A distinguished teacher, choreographer and advocate for dance he has
shaped the lives of generations of dance artists.

This book is based on extensive interviews with Cohan, his family, friends and colleagues.
Drawing together his life in dance around the world it provides the first in depth study of this
seminal figure in the dance world.

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Bed & Breakfast…..and much more
ISBN:978 0 9572836 0 2
EDITOR:Sue Opperman
PUBLISHER:B&B Nationwide Publishing
PB      232 pages
210mm x 148mm
Full colour cover
700 colour photos, illustrations and maps
DESCRIPTION: Bed & Breakfast…..and much more is a comprehensive guide on where to go, what to see, and where to stay across the UK and Ireland. It lists more than 650 inspected B&Bs – with full descriptions and illustrations – and features travelogues on ten tourist areas. Specialist articles include a tour of royal castles and palaces, a literary tour of the British Isles, a battle field trail, and smugglers’ yarns.
It features B&Bs offering something different, e.g. fly fishing and sheepdog demonstrations, special interest gardens and those with facilities for the less mobile, ‘dog friendly’ B&Bs and those offering stabling and grazing.

The Daily Record Feb 2013
Scots author Eric Dymock looks at the Land Rover’s enduring success in his latest book
By Maggie Barry

‘The insides were made to be hosed down. It was made to be useful to outdoor types rather than the luxury product it is these days’.....
Life Between the Lines by John Izbicki
The Tribune 2013
From Kristallnacht to educating Thatcher
by  Edward Pearce
Autobiography is a variable thing. Selfesteem waits behind every corner, clearvarnish dripping from its brush. I once had the pleasure of reviewing the slack, fainéant diary of that oversold society author, Anthony Powell, and saying of his uninteresting encounters with HM and serial acknowledgement of “Congrats on CH” what slack, fainéant stuff it was. Powell withdrew his labour as the Daily Telegraph’s chief fiction reviewer and the
job was better done thereafter by people less well connected. What a pleasure, then, to comment on the memoir of another Telegraph man. John Izbicki, made a Jewish refugee at eight, two days short of September 3 1939, later grieving husband of a dear wife dying at 42 under his eyes. As graduate trainee on the Manchester Evening Chronicle, he found himself in Paris serving as shuttlecock to the battledore of Lord Kemsley. He had looked after Lady Kemsley, partially paralysed by a Swiss surgeon’s severing a nerve in her ..........

Apples & Orchards in Sussex by Professor Brian Short, published by Action in Rural Sussex
Sussex Life 2013
Literary life 
A fruitful development
Edited by Angela Wintle
Apples have been grown in Britain since Roman times and no fewer than 30 varieties have originated in Sussex. Sadly, the number of orchards in the county has declined sharply since the Fifties, but, as Jacqui Bealing discovers, a new book reveals that hope is at hand – with the growth in community orchards and apple awareness events ....

Celebrating 65 years of Land Rover, this anniversary edition of the Land Rover File is fully updated, and includes new photographs, details and specifications of every Land Rover Defender, Freelander, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Discovery and Evoque including the latest all-aluminium Range Rover, military, special and expedition Land Rovers. It's the definitive book on every Land Rover since 1948, with company history and comprehensive index. The Land Rover File 65th Anniversary Edition is the only one among some 300 books on the market that includes all you need to know about Land Rover in one volume. Its 2006 predecessor was used as a reference work throughout the Land Rover organisation. The enlarged, updated one will follow suit. The Land Rover File is an Eric Dymock Motor Book and is a comprehensive reference book as well as a good read.
Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: Dove Publishing; 65th Anniversary edition edition (28 Mar 2013)
ISBN-13: 978-0956953360

ISBN: 978 0 9575150 2 4, PRICE: £10.99
AUTHOR: Victoria Huxley, PUBLISHER: Windrush Publishing
DESCRIPTION: The story of Jane Austen’s links with the idyllic village of Adlestrop and Stoneleigh Abbey, the ancestral homes of the two branches of the Leigh family, has not yet been fully told. 
Jane Austen & Adlestrop opens up a fresh window on the author’s life and experience.
AUTHOR: Victoria Huxley is an editor and publisher who has lived in Adlestrop for over twenty-five years. She is the co-author of World Heritage Sites of Great Britain and Ireland.

ISBN: 978 1 905339 81 5, PRICE: £8.99
AUTHOR: Lisa Brown
DESCRIPTION: This great boxed set is the perfect introduction to the thrilling and increasingly popular world of jump rope (sometimes called rope skipping or skipping rope in the UK). The kit is designed for 8 to early teens, but any ages could start their jump rope career with it.

ISBN: 978 0 9573830 0 5, PRICE: £12.99, AUTHOR: Richard Monkhouse
DESCRIPTION: „The Aha! of Science‟ is an illustrated guided tour of the sciences, from the realm of atoms to the expanse of the universe. It is for all ages, requiring no previous scientific knowledge.

ISBN: 978 0 9873437 0 3, PRICE: £5.99
AUTHOR: Matt Harrigan,  ILLUSTRATOR: Melinda Beavers
DESCRIPTION: This is a story about an exciting Piggyback race in which all of the animals take part! However amongst the excitement, misfortune strikes, putting all but one pair of animals out of the race.…
“The gun went off, the race had begun, but catastrophe struck them, one by one.”

SUPERBRANDS ANNUAL 2013 - An Insight into Some of Britian's Strongest Brands 2013
ISBN: 978 0 9565334 5 6, PRICE: £50.00
DESCRIPTION: Superbrands aims to highlight brands from a wide range of sectors that have become the strongest and most iconic in their field. The publication explores how these brands have succeeded in reaching the top and is part of a pioneering programme that was founded with the aim of paying tribute to the UK’s strongest brands.